Mobile Website vs. Mobile App: What’s the Difference?

It’s no secret that businesses only stand to benefit by making themselves accessible via mobile devices. With a mobile website or mobile app, businesses can boost sales, retain loyal customers and expand their reach. The question is, which type of mobile presence is best for your business? Or should you have both? Both mobile websites […]

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Learning More About Creativity And Innovation From LEGO

Many companies and design agencies tend to look at the design and creativity stage from a narrow perspective. Usually, the design team is locked inside the ideas room with no contact with the rest of the world until it delivers the idea that gets approved by the client or project manager. Once a project goes […]

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Are you a Solutionist?

solutionist (plural solutionists): A solver of problems. We are Graphic Solutions Group, or GraphSol Group for short. We have been creating web design and print solutions for our customers in the Southern California area since 2008. We were founded in Upland, California but have recently moved to the neighboring city of Rancho Cucamonga, where we […]

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  • December 10, 2014
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Top Three Misconceptions About Website Design

Car shoppers are more informed than ever before, visiting approximately 23 websites before even stepping foot into a showroom. So how can dealers stay relevant and compete in today’s increasingly connected environment? Many dealers are embracing two major shifts. One is the proliferation of mobile. The other is the dealership website becoming a retailing gateway […]

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Keep your business running from anywhere! Our cloud e-mail hosting goes anywhere you and your employees need to get work done! You will have the ability to connect to your e-mails on your mobile phone, your computer or through the web. Along with premium spam protection, your company will enjoy a 100% Uptime Guarantee and […]

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What is a digital signature?

A digital signature is basically a way to ensure that an electronic document (e-mail, spreadsheet, text file, etc.) is authentic. Authentic means that you know who created the document and you know that it has not been altered in any way since that person created it. Digital signatures rely on certain types of encryption to […]

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Napping can Dramatically Increase Learning, Memory, Awareness, and More

In some places, towns essentially shut down in the afternoon while everyone goes home for a siesta. Unfortunately, in the U.S.—more bound to our corporate lifestyles than our health—a mid-day nap is seen as a luxury and, in some cases, a sign of pure laziness. But before you feel guilty about that weekend snooze or […]

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Let It Go: Say Farewell To These 5 Web Design Trends

Trends come and go, especially in the fast-paced world of web design. Yet sometimes we hold onto old trends for too long when we should really be letting go and moving on. As read on Forbes. As technology evolves, it’s easy to fall into the trap of repeating old patterns. The web design industry is […]

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New Web Design Office! Rancho Cucamonga, here we are!

We are excited to announce or new expansion in the Inland Empire area. We are sharing office space with JAG 35 in the Arrow Business Park, a group of fellow creative masters who specialize in manufacturing camera adapters. Our new office enables us to offer convenient and professional meeting facilities in a friendly environment for […]

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The Secret Messages Inside Chinese URLs

An American friend living in Beijing once said she refused to communicate with anyone whose email address consisted of a string of numbers, such as 62718298454@163.com. This made sense to me at the time—why make email addresses as difficult to remember as phone numbers? But I soon realized that issuing a blanket ban on number-based […]

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